Your People, Your Opportunity

As Torah-observant Jews we have both the obligation and the

opportunity to care for all of Hashem’s children

Here’s what you can do

Identify one person in your life at risk for cremation and pledge to start one of the most consequential conversations you will ever have. Speak to one person.
Care for one neshama.

Invest in the ultimate chesed shel emes.
Prevent the cremation of a fellow Jew and enable all Jews to choose and receive proper kevurah.

Join a workshop or bring a webinar to your community.

Learn Why so many Jews are opting out of burial and How you can make all the difference.

Get the word out.
Share these posts through Whatsapp or social media. Print a sign for your shul to raise awareness in our community about this very real tragedy.

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Have you had the conversation?


Did you take action?


Share your story to inspire others.